Carnal Disfigurement

by Kneel Before None

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"Carnal Disfigurement" has the content that could be compared to the diary of Ed Gein with blast chops and diminished harmonies that the devil himself could only wish to fathom.


released September 30, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by
Jason Schaffstein at
All Audio Recording (Murfreesboro, TN)

Graphics by: Brutal Disorder Logos

Produced by Kneel Before None
All Music and Lyrics by Kneel Before None
Release Date 9/30/2014
Copyright 2014



all rights reserved


Kneel Before None Nashville, Tennessee

Pulsating and unholy, Kneel Before None are a band who carry a blasphemous power with them. Their is a unspeakable evil in the music, a sort of hatred that is uncouth and crass,completely unwilling to compromise. You do not get into their music expecting something friendly and listenable. No, instead you get in and are eviscerated with graphic lyrics and a midtempo chug that will have your heart ... more

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Track Name: The Gemini
The entropy proceeds
As hells flames in comfort
offering my penance a life extinguished

No restraint flows in my veins
Demons created atrophy from your taste
The ghoulish attraction to the blackness
The climactic clutch of her carcass
When I fuck
I ejaculate,shit and cum drip down my leg
How exhilarating
Her eyes rolled back into her head

No one hears your piercing cries
Helpless but not alone
Forced entry incisions
Carved orpheus fornication
The vile stench of penetration
Post mortem genital manipulation

My odious self gratification
Track Name: Cannibalistic Abduction
Ingesting, caressing
The infinite decay of remains
Carved up like a fucking swine


Sewing skin together, my trousers grow thicker
Hollow human shells litter my basement

A normal neighbor looms above this chamber of befoulment

The pungent smell,how exciting, aroused have I become
A personal perfect creation

The touch of her skin still so warm
Human fuck doll I adore

The nauseating vapors congest my cellar rotting organs cover the ground

Finally obsessing,corpse caressing
Track Name: Nyctophilia
My horizon insidiously blackens
As I inhale the open air filled with pathogens
The evanescent negligence
Stalking every breath I take
Shadowing the arbitration's I have made

Malicious sins I generate
Upon debilitated victims I engage

If darkness I am spawn
Allured to the embrace
Bondage to the concrete wall,staring at my face
As your consciousness fades away

Arousal from your stench
Vaginal discunting
Her face frozen in immolation (x2)

The light from the sky will never crest those segmentation

My temptress fed to worms
Track Name: A Disgorged Existence
Witness the massive sodimization
As I brutality,slaughter her innocence

Warbirn from ancient seed
Don't look for pity from me
Conceive the horrors of my hands
The ending will leave the jaws,dripping

Embrace the earth for your keeping
Never a ear to hear
The celebration in suffering
Leave her with nothing
When she took everything from me

Fuck her and her discorded skull
Smashed against the floor
Track Name: The Autopsy Said
Bludgeoned to death
Before decapitation occurred
Bodily ruin through extermination
I'll bring you her fucking head

A cranial faced masturbation
I spit the idea of love on her fucking mouth
Sir,you should have seen
Sir you should have seen your daughter,beg for it

Raped her right pigtails were made for face fucking tonight
Raped her right
Pigtails were made for face fucking

The intestines,I'm devouring
Her tonsils hanging from my finger tips
Vaginal prolapsing excrement into the ground

A shallow grave awaits
Completely dug from hate
Her hollow,stares to the sky

The obsequious proliferation
Depth-less you are in earthed
Track Name: Disembodied Provocation
A psychosis of cerebral intuition
Trespassing the void of logical instinct
Your shattered dignity from cold barbarity
The human temple
Cryptic obedience
A gravitation of revelation
Plaguing violence on humanities
Fear and thoughts for self preservation
Fragmentation splattering

Algorithmic of murder theory
Consume your misery with your last breath

Compromised from strangulation

Inanimate abscission from the casket
Devouring the festering maggots
From the pulmonary cavity
Track Name: Zombies Don't Say #YOLO
A misanthropy from beneath
A staring revelation
The end is present
I promise this is not a dream

Captivation of the mind will never cease
The remnants of the screeching
Is proof that your closer to hell with me
The decimation of mankind is happening

The disposal of lifeless bodies will awaken
The extraction has begun
Spilling the blood of this weak living waste

The hour has struck,I feed tonight
The stench of rotting flesh

This time tomorrow
All these streets will be bare
Feasting on your fucking limbs
As you scream
For help as your skin tears away
Panicked shock reigns in these streets
Track Name: Tangled, Strangled, Mangled
As your eyes draw back
I start to laugh
Your cunt bleeds
As your trapped on your knees
Half consensus,gasping for your last breath
Enshrouded in shadows
The sun fade upon your face
A grim painting of
Raining filth on your corpse

I want you dead
I'm burying you in the darkest corner of ny heart
As fallen angels scream for orgasmic degradation
The identity us erased
The laceration of the trachea
Gripped down of the warm and wet,blood spraying from your neck

Echoes of perfection, the stench of the deceased
The damnation of my diseased fucking soul
Incantations of the darkness you will forever be
Track Name: Summoning Apostasy
No blinding light ensues
As the pulse starts to slow your Almighty maker herds the weak
Bow to the god you will never see,if your breathing
Believe me when u say,you'll be cast away

Let the slaves believe their master exist deep in space

The degradation of this human race forever entwined
Brain washing minds
A deity slut fuck

Bound by lies of golden streets of majesty the oppression is everlasting

Carver of ignorance
Shower the earth
Pissing grace
Track Name: A Blessing In Disgust
I will not follow your shallow lives
Your shepherd blazes upon the edge of the abyss
Follow blindly to the father and the son
Divide the sheep,devour the weak
A worthless child, injected with societies iniquitous hallucination

Humanities banishment unfaltering to the children of the lord
Rituals of faith culturalist of normalcy
Christian lepers conjure for your immortality
Indoctrination of public sedation

Wirh their arms high
And their eyes closed looking to the sky(2x)

The cesspool of misanthropic
Flourishes, flourishes throughout the earth
Shrouds if deicit from a pull pit